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Autistic Traits: When self-care gets pathologised

Here is a guest blog from Emma, one of our directors. Emma usually writes her personal blogs on her Undercover Autism site, but we decided to share this blog in particular because it has been so popular and we thought you may like to read it too. When not working with her colleagues at Autism Wellbeing CIC, Emma can be found out and about enjoying the natural world (and occasionally blogging about that too!)

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תגובה אחת

I would like self care ‘experts’ to disabuse themselves of the notion that someone experiencing an episode of Autistic burn out and associated collapse from having to do too many things, ought to be open to doing a LOAD MORE THINGS in order to recover.

Speaking as an autist the best remedy for my too many things burnout, is permission granted to do very few or no bloody things. The last thing I want to be told is to go and have walks, baths, circle dancing or chat to a friend.

I like to laugh darkly at those suggestions whilst eating handfuls of food directly from the fridge because the sound of a rattling cupboard door and clanking sliding crockery…

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