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Supporting children with additional learning needs:

resources for professionals

These films and accompanying transcripts describe in accessible language the physiological processes involved when we become dysregulated and so taken out of our Just Right State. The films suggest different ways in which caregivers in the school environment – head teachers and teachers, cooks and teaching assistants – can provide effective support to children with additional learning needs who are having a tricky time and who become dysregulated. In providing these resources, the aim is to offer a framework within which to consider the experience and different ways of being in the world that children with additional learning needs bring to the school environment. These children, just like their peers, have all sorts of strengths, interests and aptitudes that contribute to the richness of school life.

1. Arousal

2. Up-regulation

3. Down-regulation

4. Just Right State

5. Hyper-arousal

6. Hypo-arousal

7. Regulation

8. Self-regulation

9. Co-regulation

10. Safety

11. Dysregulation

12. Presentation - Way Of Being In The World


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