Supporting children with additional learning needs: resources for children, parents and professionals

Children with additional learning needs have a huge amount to offer at school – they bring to the classroom their energy, ideas and opinions, as well as their unique perspective on the world. Over the course of the school day, however, these children sometimes find it difficult to access the full range of their skills and abilities. They may find it difficult to stay focused, to remain on task or to respond flexibly to the different situations they encounter at school. What can make a real difference to these children is when the people around them – their peers and staff members at school, as well as their mums, dads and siblings at home – have a good understanding of the social and emotional challenges that additional learning needs often entail.


Autism Wellbeing have produced a range of resources for children, parents and professionals that offer a different perspective on what it might be like to be a child with additional learning needs. These resources provide information about what it’s like to have additional learning needs and also suggest ways in which you can support these young people to enjoy their time at school and at home, to give of their best and even to thrive. We hope you find these resources useful. Parents and professionals, please look at each other’s resources as well as at the children’s!!





Autism Wellbeing received funding from the Brechfa Wind Farm Project to create this series of training videos and PDF's for children, parents and professionals.

Visit the Brechfa Wind Farm Community Fund website to learn more about the wonderful projects they are funding.