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Autism Wellbeing CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides a range of services.


The free downloadable content on this page has been produced as part of an exciting partnership between professionals, families and individuals - many of whom are autistic.


If you feel able to support our work financially, please consider an affordable donation - and please continue to give us feedback and share our resources far and wide with your social networks and colleagues.


Brand New!

This booklet has been co-produced by a team of practitioners with lived experience of autism, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyslexia. It includes professional input from health and social care management, education and speech and language therapy, the latter informed by the principles of Sensory Attachment Intervention.

Autism and video calls.JPG

Autism and Video Calls

Video calls have become a part of work and social life for many of us.


"Video Calls: Tips for Autistic people"  offers some ideas from an Autistic perspective.


“Video Calls and Autism” provides information about why video calls may be a challenge for Autistic people.


These two information sheets together provide insights into why video calls might be challenging for Autistic people as well as tips on how to have a successful video call.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

roll out tips.JPG

Autism Wellbeing has produced some information sheets that may be useful during the Covid-19 vaccination process.

There are tips for professionals - in English and Welsh language, plus suggestions for coping with appointments and injections.

Our short film was made to raise awareness of the needs of autistic people and has been shared in NHS health settings across the UK

Covid-19 Resource Pack

Cararthenshire Community Lockdown Legends.jpg

In the summer of 2020, Autism Wellbeing received a grant from the Carmarthenshire Covid-19 response fund (administered by CAVS) to produce a resource pack for families.

The pack contains information about each of our eight senses; coping with illness; grief; sensory regulation, and more...

Additional Learning Needs

Autism Wellbeing received funding from the Brechfa Wind Farm Project to produce a series of animations, picture books, film, and information sheets for primary school children, their parents, and teachers. You can find more of the resources here: Supporting Children With Additional Learning Needs | Autism Wellbeing

Making sense of humans-01.png

Rusty the Robot animation - English

Rusty the Robot animation - Welsh

Personal Care

Personal care.png

We have produced some ideas and suggestions to consider 

when cleaning your teeth, brushing your hair, getting dressed

and much more...

These can be downloaded as pdf documents for your own use, and distributed to families, friends,

and professionals who may find them helpful - if you feel able to support us with a small donation, please use the Golden Giving link at the top of the page.

Smearing faeces (poo)

Smearing information p1-1.png

Autism Wellbeing's team of professionals understands the stigma and embarrassment families may face when seeking support or information about helping a loved one who smears their faeces (poo).

Whilst there are no simple remedies or explanations, we have found in our personal and professional experience that considering an Autistic person's sensory processing experiences can be a valuable part of supporting them.

Brushing teeth

Toothbrushing info page 1-1.png

Autism Wellbeing has produced some tips, insights and suggestions that share ideas about how brushing your teeth can be a sensory experience that not only involves the mouth - but our whole body!

Sensory processing, smear tests and having an internal examination

Smear info photo.PNG

Autistic people and people with a learning disability are less likely to attend screening appointments - including cervical smear tests.

The emotions and sensations involved when we visit the doctor or have medical examinations and tests, all need to be processed through our sensory systems. Here are some suggestions for cervical screening appointments that may be useful at other times too.

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